IBC and related reforms: Where do MSMEs Stand?

The MSME industry, colloquially referred to as the power engine of the economy has been a focal point of several reforms over the years. The recent reforms w.r.t. MSMEs and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (“Code’) has altered the stance of MSMEs, both as creditors and debtors. In this article, we shall discuss some significant reforms/ amendments w.r.t. MSMEs (due to COVID, or otherwise), and those under the Code and analyse the cumulative impact of these reforms on the sector in the prevailing scenario

Resources on MSME financing

Major reforms have been introduced for the MSMEs, providing the required boost to the sector. MSMEs have recently been put into the limelight with several regulatory and financial reforms concerning them.

We have put up this page to provide the access to all relevant resources on the subject at one place, along with our analysis. Hope that the readers find it useful.

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IBC and related reforms: Where do MSMEs stand?

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