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SEBI proposed amendments in PIT Regulation to incentivize Informants…

By Dibisha Mishra (dibisha@vinodkothari.com) corplaw@vinodkothari.com Introduction SEBI’s recent Discussion Paper[i] on amendment to the SEBI (PIT) Regulations, 2015 presses the fact that mere Regulator’s watch on the illegal transactions are not enough to practically eliminate trading on the basis of UPSI. Wherein insiders are finding new ways to get into such illegal transactions including transactions […]

SEBI’s proposed buyback rules for leverage limits: to what extent practical? Rules impose low leverage limits for NBFCs and HFCs

  Pammy Jaiswal Vinod Kothari and Company corplaw@vinodkothari.com Background As the regulators eye the performance of business houses at the group level for getting a helicopter view of their economic position, many changes have been brought in this direction. Some of which include the requirement of preparing the consolidated results on a quarterly basis, consideration […]

Press Release: Working Group of Ministry of Civil Aviation, which Vinod Kothari was a part of, releases its report

The Working Group on Developing Avenues for Aircraft Financing and Leasing Activities in India constituted by Ministry of Civil Aviation has submitted its report ‘Project Rupee Raftaar’ which is a road map for developing an Aircraft Financing and Leasing Ecosystem in India. The project is based on the theme of “Flying for All”. The working […]

Prudential Framework for Resolution of Stressed Assets: New Dispensation for dealing with NPAs

By Vinod Kothari [vinod@vinodkothari.com]; Abhirup Ghosh [abhirup@vinodkothari.com] With the 12th Feb., 2018 having been struck down by the Supreme Court, the RBI has come with a new framework, in form of Directions[1], with enhanced applicability covering banks, financial institutions, small finance banks, and systematically important NBFCs. The Directions apply with immediate effect, that is, 7th […]

Large Exposures Framework: New RBI rules to deter banks’ concentric lending

-Kanakprabha Jethani |Executive Vinod Kothari Consultants Background The RBI has made some crucial amendments to the Large Exposures Framework (LEF) by notification dated June 03, 2019. These changes are intended to align with global practices, such as look through approach for identifying exposures, determination of the group of “connected” counterparties, to name a few. The […]

Contribution to disaster relief is now an eligible CSR activity

Munmi Phukon, Principal Manager Vinod Kothari & Company munmi@vinodkothari.com Introduction The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, on 30th May, 2019 issued a Notification amending Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 (Act) which seeks to include disaster management, including relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities under CSR activities. The amendment is very crucial considering the recent history of […]