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About Leasing

Equipment leasing as an alternative form of acquiring usable resources has been prevalent for decades now. Economic history of the world indicates that during periods of recession, leasing has been responsible for retaining economic activity by enabling enterprises to rent in what they cannot own.

While equity and loans provided owned and loaned capital to business, leasing provides rented capital. As the focus of businesse shift from carrying an asset-heavy balance sheet to core opertions, businesses would want to invest less in fixed assets and retain more space for working capital Hence, leasing in the in-thing.

Leasing is preferred world over not merely for cosmetic reasons such as off-balance sheet funding. It is the way to do business with less money blocked in non-core assets.

Vinod Kothari has the author of one of the most authentic texts on the subject has been at the forefront of leasing business for nearly 3 decades now.

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Vinod Kothari Consultants in the field of Leasing


We have offered courses on leasing and asset backed funding all over the world, conducted by established faculty including the likes of Mr. Vinod Kothari, Ms. Nidhi Bothra and others. The locations where they have offered seminars/ workshops include New York, Washington DC, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Colombo, Colombia (South America), Dubai, Kuwait, Dhaka, Zambia, Jordan, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc.

To see the course material for these training courses, please visit our Popular Courses page.

To see the calendar of our forthcoming courses on leasing, among other subjects; and to view the feedback and course material for our past courses, please visit our Workshop Calendar.

Our Consulting Experience


Apart from trainings, Vinod Kothari Consultants has also worked with a number of reputed organizations in the world. Some of the prestigious projects that we have handled so far has been listed below:

  • We are known in the country for number one position as consultant in the matter of leasing and asset based funding. We have engaged by every significant name in the field of asset based finance including State Bank of India, Canara Bank, Indian Railway Finance Corporation, ICICI, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra, Development Credit Bank, Tata Finance Ltd., Apple Industries Limited, etc.
  • We have acted as retainer to Citibank for their asset-backed finance business.
  • We have provided active consulting support to GE Capital, the world’s largest non-banking leasing company.
  • We are engaged on consulting in operating leasing for a telecom hardware company, which is the largest in its field in India.
  • We have acted as a consultant to Infosys Technologies to prepare functional requirements for a comprehensive IT solution for leasing transactions.

Vinod Kothari is one of the directors of Association of Leasing and Financial Services Cos., India. This is a body of top leasing companies in the country.

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