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Vinod Kothari Consultants and Vinod Kothari and Company are constantly on the lookout for bright, hardworking, talented people.

We need individuals who would eventually identify themselves with us. They would be part of us; they would be us. Such an individual who is “us” has, at least the following capabilities; these are generic capabilities throughout our set up and apply to all our team members:

  • Very strong articulation and communication abilities – this includes ability to write, compile, present and speak effectively
  • Very strong sense of commitment and a belief that successful people are not those who wait for instructions but are self-initiated, self-motivated, self-inspired
  • Ability to work in a very very challenging environment.
​While we do understand the benefit of experience, but more often than not, we have found that external experience does not help much in our set up. Hence, we are glad to relax the requirement of experience.
We are currently looking for the following positions:
  • Corporate laws – Vinod Kothari and Company is looking for young professionals to join in Mumbai for secretarial audit and other advanced corporate laws advisory services. 
  • Management Trainees – we constantly take management trainees. Many of our existing very senior colleagues joined us as management trainees and have been groomed to reach heights within our organisation. We encourage CS Management trainees, CA trainees or MBA trainees to join us. We are very selective – the incumbent has to have very strong written English, very strong articulation and present skills, and common sense. Strong academic background becomes the prime criteria for identifying the right candidates for further evaluation. Place Kolkata or Mumbai.
  • Legal adviser – We will be hiring a legal adviser who has strong drafting skills for complex financial and business documents such as loan agreements, asset finance agreements, collaboration or joint venture agreements, shareholders’ agreements, etc. Experience in drafting required minimum 1-2 years. Place Kolkata or Mumbai.
  • Interns – we continue to encourage legal and management students to work with us on short term research projects.
If you feel you can fit into a role in our organisation, then by all means, do get in touch with us at
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