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Securitisation Summit


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About the Summit

The Securitisation Summit is an annual coming together of stakeholders in structured finance industry in India, which has nowmoved on to its sixth year.

The claim to achievement of the Summit is that not only do we end up discussing matters, we pick points for advocacy and we takethe same up with the relevant regulators , policy-makers or other concerned persons, so as to resolve/achieve what is desired. The resolution of the distribution tax issue, withholding taxes on payment to SPVs as well as permission to FIIs for investing insecuritisation transactions were picked up during previous summits, and we achieved effective results.

As a result, today, the securitisation market in India is drastically from what it was. With tax inefficiencies removed, and foreign investors allowed to invest in securitisation transactions, the market today is poised for a big take off, and in particular,toemerge beyond priority sector lending.

This years’ summit is the first one after these remarkable changes. There is wide-spread investor and issuer interest currently,and whole lot of global investors are also optimistically looking at the Indian market.
There is a also a strong possibility of a market for securitisation of non-performing loans, as the scenario gets completely metamorphosed post the introduction of the Bankruptcy Code.

Thus, there are new asset classes, and there are new structures. Covered bonds and CLOs are also looking distinctilydiscernible .

We invite you all to come and be a part of this wholly changed scenario of structured finance in the country. You ,may hope to meet the who’s-who of the stakeholders in the Indian structured finance.


Detailed Agenda can be viewed here 

For details write to:

  • Kirti Sharma - | 033 2281 7715/3742 | 033 4001 0157
  • Deepa Devi –| 022 2261 4021/ 022 3044 7498
  • Diksha Kataria–| 022 2261 4021/ 022 3044 7498
  • Niddhi Parmar–| 022 2261 4021/ 022 3044 7498
  • Dheeraj Sharma –| 011-65515340/ 011-41315340

Alternatively, please drop us an email at,


Click here for the live poll results held at the 5th Securitisation Summit, 2016

Post Summit Report

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Agenda - Click here

The Summit is being held every year under the name Securitisation Summit since 2012. It brings together banks, mutual funds, NBFCs, insurance companies, micro finance players, asset managers, debt placement houses, investment banks,  and so on. The Summit discusses industry and regulatory issues. This would be the 5th year of the summit. The removal of distribution tax and the eligibility of foreign portfolio investors are clear testimony to the efforts we put in the field of securitisation. We have a galaxy of eminent speakers from various reputed and pivotal organisations.


Our list of confirmed speakers/panelists for the Summit

Ms.Barnali Mukherjee, CGM- Investment Management Department, Securities Exchange Board of India; Mr Kishore Kumbhare, Asst. General Manager, National Housing Bank; Mr.VS Rangan, Executive Director, HDFCProf. Krishnamurthy VaidyanathanResident Finance Faculty, Indian School of Business & Visiting Faculty, University of ConnecticutMr. Dalibor Hala, PwC, Prague, Czech Republic; Mr. Peeyush Pallav, Senior Vice-president, Structured debt solutions, DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore; Mr.Ramadasu Bandaru, Group Head –Structured Finance, Credit Analysis & Research Ltd; Mr. Kalpesh Gada, Head - Structured Finance Ratings, ICRA;   Mr Manoj Gupta, Executive Vice President, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Mr. Jayasheel Bhansali, Chief Financial Officer, Janalakshmi Financal Services;  Mr Vinod Kothari, CEO, Vinod Kothari Consultants P Ltd; Mr.Kapish Jain, Chief Financial Offices - Xander Finance Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. Piyush Mathur,  Chief Financial Officer, Simpa Networks;  Mr. Vineet Sukumar, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Partner, Mr.Vikash Rungta, Head- Credit Research,Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd; Mr. Pinank Shah, Head- Liabilities and treasury, Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited; IFMR Capital; Ms. Leena Chacko, Partner,   Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas;  Mr. Anand Shah, Partner, B S R & Co. LLP; Mr. Nihas Basheer , Partner,  Wadia Ghandy & Company; Mr Krishnan Sitaraman, Senior Director- Financial Sector & Structured Finance Ratings, Crisil Ratings, Mr. Ajit Velonie, Director-Structured Finance, Crisil Ratings; Bahroze Kamdin, Partner, Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP; Ms. Mona Bhide. Managing Partner, Dave & Girish & Co.; Mr. Rajat Gandhi, Founder & CEO, Faircent; Shankar Vaddadi, Founder & Director, i-lend.......

And many more speakers..
Kindly keep visiting to check the updated list of speakers as we expect to have further substantial additions to the galaxy of speakers.
For Speaker and Sponsorship enquires contact - 
Mr.Vinod Kothari +91 98 310 78544
Ms.Nidhi Bothra +91 98 301 59504
Ms.Surbhi Jaiswal +91 96 746 19978

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The Summit is being held every year under the name Securitisation Summit. This year, we have renamed the event, and included a broader canvas of topics, as we realise that the market in India may not choose a particular product structure for regulatory reasons, and yet, in effect, the urge to search for alternative forms of funding and investment in the fixed income market has always been on. Therefore, this year’s Summit will include covered bonds, structured bonds, rupee-denominated bonds, credit-enhanced bonds, etc., in addition to mortgage backed securities.

The Summit brings together banks, mutual funds, NBFCs, insurance companies, micro finance players, asset managers, debt placement houses, investment banks,  and so on. The Summit discusses industry and regulatory issues.

Brochure - Click here

Detailed Agenda: Click here 

Key Takeaways

Session-wise details:

Session 1: Bond markets in India, Asia and Globally

Session 2: Mortgaged backed and Asset backed securities

Session 3: Covered bonds – is the time ripe to introduce them?

Session 4: Use of Structured Bonds by financial sector entities - Panel discussion

  • Mr. V S Rangan, Executive Director, HDFC Limited
  • Ms. Leena Chacko, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
  • Mr. Arvind Sampath, Head of Treasury, Fullerton Capital
  • Mr. Santosh Sharma, Dewan Housing Finance Limited

Session 5: Rupee-denominated global bonds - panel discussion

  • Mr. D K Vyas, CEO, SREI Equipment Finance Limited
  • Ms. Niloufer Lam, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
  • Mr. Shameek Ray, Head DCM, ICICI Securities Primary Dealership Ltd
  • Mr. Sheshagiri Rao, Joint MD, JSW Steel Limited

Session 6: Searching for alternative bonds and alternative investors - panel discussion

  • Mr. R V Verma, Whole time member, Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA)
  • Ms. Bekxy Kuriakose,Head (Fixed Income), Principal PNB Asset Management Company Pvt Ltd
  • Ganti N. Murthy,Head Fixed Income,IDBI Asset Management Ltd.
  • Mr.Amandeep Singh Chopra,UTI Mutual Fund
  • Mr. Vikash Rungta,Reliance Mutual Fund

Session 7: Bond guarantees and credit enhancements

  • Mr. Vineet Jain, Director - Structured Finance, IDFC
  • Mr. Shrikat Shrivastava, Chief Risk Officer, India Mortgage Guarantee Corporation
  • Mr. Rajesh Mokashi, Dty Managing Director, Care Ratings

Session 8: Islamic bonds, IDF bonds and other innovative bonds- will they find acceptance in Indian markets?

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Post Summit Report

Session-wise details:

Session 1: Securitisation markets - Performance so far and looking at the future

​Session 2: Covered Bonds and Guarantee Structures

Session 3: Regulatory and Taxation Issues [Panel Discussion]

  • Mr. Vinod Kothari, CEO, Vinod Kothari Consultants P. Ltd.; Director, Indian Securitisation Foundation [Panel Moderator]
  • Ms. Leena Chacko - Partner, Amarchand and Mangaldas
  • Mr. Niash Basheer - Wadhia Ghandy
  • Mr. Niren Shethia - Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Mr. Rinkesh Devnani - BSR Affiliates

Session 4: Structuring and market-related Issues [Panel Discussion]

  • Mr. V.S. Rangan - Executive Director, HDFC [Panel Moderator]
  • Mr. Devang Gada - Sattva Consultants
  • Mr. Chetan Rao - Associate Director, CRISIL
  • Mr. Raman Agarwal - Head of Corporate Affairs, SREI

Session 5: Bringing new class of investors on table [Panel discussion]

  • Mr. Ravi V - Managing Director, Mahindra Finance [Panel Moderator]
  • Mr. Rajesh Mokashi - Deputy Managing Director, CARE Ratings
  • Mr. Kunal Agarwal - Franklin Templeton
  • Mr. Vikas Rungta - Head – Credit Research, Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd.




Brochure Click here

Agenda Click here

Speaker Presentations Click here

Post-summit Report Click here

Session 1: Securitisation Markets - Performance so far and looking at the future

  • Mr. Harjeet Toor - EVP and Business Head-Retail and Commercial Business, Fullerton
  • Mr. Vinod Kothari - CEO, Vinod Kothari Consultants Pvt. Ltd.; Director, Indian Securitisation Foundation
  • Mr. Subhamoy Basu - Asst. Vice President, ICRA
  • Mr Sumit Gupta - Co- Head, Credit, Franklin Templeton Investments

Session 2: NBFCs, MFIs and Securitisation

  • Mr. D. K. Vyas - CEO, SREI Equipment Finance P Ltd
  • Ms. Meenal Madhukar - Senior Partner and Head Investor Relations, IFMR Capital

Session 3: Tax controversies on securitisation and the way forward – Panel Discussion

  • Mr. Vikram Bohra - Associate Directors, Tax and Regulatory Services (Financial Services), PWC
  • Mr. Nehal Sampat - Associate Directors, Tax and Regulatory Services (Financial Services), PWC
  • Ms Bahroze Kamdin - Partner, Deloitte Haskin and Sells
  • Mr. Rinkesh Devnani - Senior Manager, Taxation, KPMG
  • Mr. Chetan Desai - EVP, Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited

Session 4: Issues in securitisation: RMBS, covered bonds, and operational issues

  • Mr. Anand Natarajan, Executive Vice President, Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd
  • Mr. Prosenjit Gupta, HDFC Ltd
  • Mr. Vibhor Mittal, Asst. Vice President, ICRA
  • Mr. Vinod Kothari - CEO, Vinod Kothari Consultants Pvt. Ltd.; Director, Indian Securitisation Foundation

Session 5:  Non performing loans – the ARCs and securitisation of NPLs

  • Mr. M.R.Umarji, Chief Advisor-Legal Indian Banks Association
  • Mr. P Rudran, Managing Director and CEO, ARCIL
  • Mr. Shyam Maheshwari, SSG Capital Ltd
  • Mr. Praveen Sethia, Founder and Director of Infrastructure Advisors Private Limited

Session 6:  Regulatory landscape of Securitisation

  • Mr. Ananta Barua, Executive Director, SEBI
  • Ms Shabnam Kaiji, Wadia Ghandy & Company
  • Mr. Jayesh Modi, Head Inclusive Banking Unit, HSBC
  • Ms Leena Chacko, Partner, Amarchand and Mangaldas and Suresh A Shroff & Co

Session 7: Investing in MBS and ABS

  • Mr. Devang Gada, Director, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Mr. V Srinivasan, Executive Director, Axis Bank
  • Mr Vikash Rungta, Head Credit-Research, Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd
  • Mr. KS Gopal, Head – Compliance Risk Management – Regulatory Liaison, ING Vysya

Session 8: Rating agencies, trustees and service providers - Panel Discussion

  • ​Mr. Sandeep Bhattacharya, Vice President, Deutsche Bank Group
  • Mr. Anosh Kelawala, Director – Structured Finance Ratings, CRISIL
  • Mr. Jatin Nanaware, India Ratings
  • Mr. Milind Gadkari, CGM Analytics SBU, CARE



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Session 3

Session 4

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