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Banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) are showing ever-more complementarity, making the most of their respective capabilities. While bank finance to NBFCs is on a record high, there are several ways in which banks extend their outreach through NBFCs – securitisation, direct assignments, loan sourcing, co-lending, etc. Securitisation markets have clearly matured to grow beyond the priority-sector lending confines, with new asset classes attracting yield-searching investors. There is a clearly surging international interest in India’s financial markets – securitisation seems to be the key to that.

India Securitisation Summit, by Indian Securitisation Foundation and Vinod Kothari Consultants, is unquestionably the most sought-after Industry forum. We are happy to present the 12th edition of the Summit. Celebrating innovation, inclusion, and integration.

As every year, the Summit shall bring together all relevant stakeholders – issuers, investors, consultants, analysts, rating agencies, market markers, regulators, law firms, and all else who matter.

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Publication launched during the 12th Summit

Vikas Path: The Securitised Path to Financial Inclusion

Key Takeaways from the 12th Summit

Pre-Summit Workshop- May 14, 2024 Repeat Workshop- May 16, 2024

Call for Papers

Key Takeaways of the 11th Summit

Indian Securitisation Award, 2024

Key Takeaways of the 10th Summit

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