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Are financial leases subjected to TDS?

Yutika Lohia yutika@vinodkothari.com  Introduction In today’s time, leasing has become an indispensable element of businesses – Any and every asset movable or immovable, equipment or software can be taken on lease. Colloquially, lease refers to an arrangement where a property owned by one is given for use by another, against regular rentals. In India, there […]

De-novo Master Directions on PPIs

I. Introduction The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on August 27, 2021, issued the Master Directions on Prepaid Payment Instruments[1] (‘Master Directions’) repealing the Master Directions on Issuance and Operation of Prepaid Payment Instruments[2] (‘Erstwhile Master Directions’) with immediate effect. These Master Directions have been issued keeping in mind the recent updates to the Erstwhile […]

Credit Default Swaps (Global and Indian Scenario)

Other ‘I am the best’ presentations can be viewed here Our other resources on related topics – https://vinodkothari.com/wp-content/uploads/RBIa%CC%82%C2%80%C2%99s-Guidelines-on-Credit-Default-Swaps-for-Corporate-Bonds.pdf https://vinodkothari.com/2021/02/rbi-issues-draft-directions-on-credit-derivatives/ https://vinodkothari.com/isda_new_definition_credit-derivs_impact/ https://vinodkothari.com/2013/12/secnews-110810/ https://vinodkothari.com/rbi-new-cds-guidelines-feeble-effort-start-non-starting-product/

Registration under Money-Lending laws

Aanchal Kaur Nagpal and Parth Ved (corplaw@vinodkothari.com) Introduction More often than not, the term ‘lending activities’ instantaneously brings the ‘Reserve Bank of India’ (‘RBI’) to mind. However, lending business is not the domain of RBI alone. Amidst multiple RBI guidelines governing numerous financial institutions, the state legislations on money-lending have become long forgotten. Money-lending laws […]

Minority shareholders under IBC

-Sikha Bansal [resolution@vinodkothari.com] Below we provide a quick snapshot of the extant provisions of the insolvency framework in India vis-a-vis Minority Shareholders, in light of related laws and judicial developments so as to assess their rights and standing in the current insolvency ecosystem –

Ensuring Board Continuity and Balance of Capabilities

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Increase in FDI Limit in Insurance Companies

Corplaw Team | corplaw@vinodkothari.com Amendment in Foreign Exchange Management (NDI) Rules, 2019 effective August 19, 2021- https://egazette.nic.in/WriteReadData/2021/229165.pdf DPIIT Press Note on June 14, 2021 amending the FDI Policy for Insurance companies which shall be effective from date of FEMA notification – https://dpiit.gov.in/sites/default/files/pn2-2021.pdf Consequential amendment in Indian Insurance Companies (Foreign Investment) Rules, 2015 are on May 19, 2021 […]

Special Purpose Acquisition Company

Other ‘I am the best’ presentations can be viewed here Our other resources on related topics – https://vinodkothari.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/An-overview-of-SPACs-and-related-concerns-in-India.pdf https://vinodkothari.com/2021/08/spacs-value-proposition-regulatory-framework/ https://vinodkothari.com/2021/08/regulatory-eco-system-for-spacs/