Recent changes in the regulatory framework for the long-term bond market

– Team Finserv |

Table of contents

Issuer relatedInvestor related
1.1. Amendments to the mechanism and limits for issuance of debt securities on the Electronic Book Platform (‘EBP’)2.1. Insurance companies as investors
1.2. Capping of ISINs2.1.1. Permitting investment in Additional Tier-1 (AT-1) bonds of bank
1.3. Reduction in the denomination for debt securities2.1.2. Increasing investments in infrastructure sector through banks
1.4. Enhanced guidelines for debenture trustees and listed issuer companies on creation of security and initial due diligence2.1.3. Exposure draft – investment in other forms of capital – IRDAI (Other Forms of Capital) Regulations, 2022
1.5. Monitoring of covenants, security creation and continuous due diligence2.1.4. Investment in debt securities of InvITs and REITs (22nd April, 2021)
1.6. Regulation of online bond platform2.2. Provident funds as investors
1.7. Additional participation on the ‘Request for Quote’ Platform2.2.1. Exit from investments
1.8. Operational Circular for Listing Regulations2.2.2. Private sector bonds as investment options
2.3. Supreme Court Ruling – Enforcement actions for debenture holders
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