Stressed for reform: RBI proposes stressed assets securitisation and loss provisioning

– Team Finserv (

Rating agency Standard and Poor’s recently noted that at least 60 percent of the world’s economies are either into recession already or heading towards the same. The same report notes that 29 of the 33 countries covered by the study have disorderly inflation above the targets set by the respective central banks[1]. OECD’s interim report of September, 2022 says that despite a boost in activity as COVID-19 infections drop worldwide, global growth is projected to remain subdued in the second half of 2022, before slowing further in 2023 to an annual growth of just 2.2%. This is accompanied by inflationary pressures in most countries[2]. India is one of the two countries projected to have a growth rate of more than 6%.

The RBI’s monetary policy, September, 2022, as expected, has announced an interest rate hike of 50 bps in the policy rates.

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Hike in repo rate: How to modify loan instalments

– Vinod Kothari |

Based on the decision on the Monetary Policy Committee[1], the RBI, on 5th August, 2022, hiked the repo rate by 50 bps, to 5.4%. This brings the policy rate to the level where it was before the Pandemic (a brief time chart of the repo rate may be referred below). Thus, while the impact of COVID-19 may still be long and persisting, but the COVID-19 reliefs are all gone.

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