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09.02.2023SEBI to provide debenture holders the right to object material related party transactionsVinita Nairhttps://vinodkothari.com/2023/02/sebi-to-provide-debenture-holders-the-right-to-object-material-related-party-transaction/
04.02.2023SEBI amends NCS Regulations – DT nominated director | Green Debt Securities | Public issue offer periodAjay Ramanathanhttps://vinodkothari.com/2023/02/sebi-amends-ncs-regulations-for-greendebt-dtd-offerperiod/
12.01.2023Debenture Issuance -Recent developments & applicable compliancesVinita Nairhttps://vinodkothari.com/2023/01/debenture-issuance-recent-developments-applicable-compliances/
12.01.2023Sustainable finance and GSS+ bonds: State of the Market and DevelopmentsVinod Kothari and Payal Agarwalhttps://vinodkothari.com/2023/01/sustainable-finance-and-gss-bonds/