Mr. Vinod Kothari

Vinod Kothari is internationally recognized as an author, trainer and consultant on specialized financial subjects, viz., housing finance, securitisation, credit derivatives, accounting for financial instruments, structured finance, banking regulations etc. As such, he lectures all over the world. The locations where he has lectured on these subjects include New York, Washington, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Colombia (South America), South Africa, Malaysia, Jordan, Dubai, Kuwait, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.

Mr. Kothari with his efficient team has handled very diverse groups – from rating agency professionals in Malaysia, to group of investors in Sydney, to tax officers in South Africa, to group of lawyers in India, to executives of the World’s largest securitisation agency in Washington, to a group of quants in New York.

Vinod Kothari is also a fellow member of ICSI and through his firm Vinod Kothari and Company is engaged in practice of corporate laws for over 30 years.


Securitisation/ Credit Derivatives/ Credit Risk:

Vinod Kothari is an accomplished trainer on structured finance and offers about 20 training courses every year on credit risk, securitisation and credit derivatives all over the World. The locations VK has offered seminars/ workshops on advanced topics in finance include New York, Washington DC, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Shnaghai, Shenzhen, Colombo, Colombia (South America), Dubai, Kuwait, Dhaka, Zambia, Jordan, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc. See  for VK’s forthcoming training courses, and some courses completed in the past.

Accounting for Financial Instruments:

Complicated accounting standards on financial instruments – IAS 30, IAS 39, IFRS 7, IFRS 9, fair value computation hierarchy, etc., require combination of deep understanding of financial instruments and derivatives, and accounting standards. VK easily combines these two, given accounting qualification and in-depth understanding of finance.

Basel II, Basel III, ICAAP, Risk Management:

Basel II has brought to fore what was anyway utmost requirement for the banking system. VK offers comprehensive consulting and execution services, and of course, training in each of these fields.

Housing Finance:

Vinod Kothari Consultants has been awarded a prestigious IFC contract for preparation and dissemination of a toolkit for housing finance. As such, VKC will be carrying out a series of training workshops on housing finance. In the past, VK carried out trainings on housing finance in alliance with IMACS. VK has provided expert advice to regulators and law-makers World-over. For example, the South African Revenue Service consulted VK for framing guidelines on taxation of securitization. The Sri Lankan securities regulator has sought VK’s advice on a draft of securitization legislation. India’s securities regulator has sought VK’s assistance and expert advice in framing securitization regulations in the country. VK has undertaken a major consulting assignment to advise the Government of Jordan on financing of affordable housing


​Leasing and non-banking financial services have been our consulting area for last 15 years. VK is unquestionably India’s top leasing expert. Besides some of the top names in Indian leasing including banks and financial corporations, we have leasing clients in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Jordan, etc.

Credit Derivatives:

Closely affiliated to securitisation, credit derivatives is another area of our expertise. Vinod owns and runs a website on credit derivatives. Vinod Kothari also offers training on credit derivatives.

Corporate laws:

Vinod Kothari’s firm,Vinod Kothari and Company, is engaged in practice as company secretaries, a field of practice in corporate laws, for over 25 years.


  • For several years now, Vinod Kothari has been a part of World Bank’s Doing Business in India team.

  • Vinod Kothari was a part of Ministry of Civil Aviation working group to facilitate rupee-denominated aircraft leasing in India. The Working Group report, called Rupee Raftaar, was released in Jan., 2019
  • Vinod Kothari Consultants (VKCPL) has been engaged by ADB for a project on capital market instruments for housing finance in India.

  • VKCPL has also prepared  a toolkit for IFC, Washington titled “India Toolkit for Low Income Housing Finance – A Practitioner’s Guide”, in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity.

  • He was sub-consultant to “Affordable Housing Finance Project” of IFC, awarded to IMaCS.

  • Has been retained by National Housing Bank for assisting them in promoting Covered Bonds in India.

  • Was a part of Working Committee formulated by National Housing Bank for promoting capital market instruments such as RMBS and Covered Bonds for the housing sector in India.

  • Has been retained by Govt. of Jordan for suggesting and working on funding for a high-profile low-cost housing project.

  • Has been retained by the Asian Development Bank, Manila for two important projects: to advise the Govt. of India on reforming secured lending law in India; and to develop securitisation-related legal framework in the Asian region.

  • Is the Director of Association of Leasing and Financial Services Cos., a body of over 500 top leasing companies in India.

  • He is the Director of Indian Securitisation Foundation, a representative body of the securitisation industry in India promoting capital market instruments in India

  • Claims extensive consulting experience in securitisation – offering comprehensive securitisation-related consulting services to a variety of clients including originators, investors, IT companies, etc. Apart from one-off services to several companies in different countries.


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  7. Leads a team of special editors for A Ramaiya’s Company Law, 18th edition. This is admittedly the most authentic commentary on Companies Act in India, now revised for the Companies Act 2013.

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  12. Author of Highlights and quick referencer and tables in “Corporate Laws” second edition, published by Lexis Nexis.

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  14. Introduction to Securitisation by Frank J. Fabozzi and Vinod Kothari, Wiley, July 2008.

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  16. Lease Financing and Hire purchase (4th edition, 1996).

  17. Author of 3 Chapters in Handbook of Finance, (editor Frank Fabozzi), published by Wiley, USA.


  • Regular speaker at professional institutes.

  • Visiting faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Joka, Calcutta for several years, teaching a fully fledged course for the final year students on Structured Finance and Taxation. Over 125 students sign up of the course every year.

  • Guest faculty at the National University of Juridical Sciences-  the subject taught here are insolvency and credit interest enforcement laws in India and other countries. The course included a comparative study of the
    insolvency and creditors’ rights in USA, UK and Australia.

The list of lectures by Vinod Kothari, can be viewed here


  • Vinod Kothari’s articles on asset-based finance, securitisation etc. have appeared in several national and international journals including Duke Journal of Comparative International Law (USA), US Banker (USA), Exportrader (Spain), Trade and Forfaiting Review (UK), Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation (UK), Equipment Finance Journal (USA), Monitordaily (USA), Analyst (India), etc.

  • Vinod Kothari also contributes to Euromoney’s yearbooks on leasing and securitisation.


  • Our website on securitization [] is rated as the most popular site on securitization. The rankings given by independent web-ranking professionals prove that this site is better visited than any other site on the subject. The site features on regular basis news, articles, issues, features, etc on securitization.

  • Vinod Kothari and Company’s team writes loads of articles/presentations on various subjects of interest – in the field of finance, corporate laws, banking regulations, etc. See here.

  • VK also owns and runs a site on credit derivatives []. On a specialised subject like credit derivatives, this site is also ranked as number One.

  • VK runs websites on leasing, asset reconstrution and SARFAESI Actaccounting for financial instrumentsaffordable housingmicrofinance, etc.

  • There are lots of articles on non-banking financial services and allied areas at The site contains a whole lot of articles and presentations compiled by Vinod Kothari & Company, Practising Company Secretaries.


VK is a Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary with brilliant academic record. He has been ranker holder in high school, college, and topped the Eastern Region in Chartered Accountancy final exams.

POSITIONS – Present and Past
  • He is a member of the Company Law, Corporate Affairs Committee of the ASSOCHAM

  • VK holds the position of Director in Indian Securitisation Foundation

  • VK was part of an Asian Development Bank consulting group to advise the Govt. of India on reforms in secured lending law.

  • VK is the Executive Director of Asian Securitization Forum. Click here to go to the Asian Securitization Forum website.

  • VK is a Director of Association of Leasing and Financial Services Cos., a body of leasing companies in India.

  • VK is currently a Visiting Faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Joka, Calcutta teaching structured finance to over 100 students every year. Indian Institute of Management is one of the top ranking business schools that sends brilliant finance professionals world-over every year.

  • VK has been independent director in several companies –  Greenply (till date), Rupa (till date), Allbank Finance ( a subsidiary of Allahabad Bank), Paragon Asset Reconstruction, etc. Vinod Kothari is also on the board of companies in other countries.


In 1987, a voluntary organisation of Calcutta chose him as the Outstanding Young Person of Calcutta in the field of Finance and Taxation. VK won several academic awards


Occasionally, VK writes/presents on diverse subjects: