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Cyber security incidents to be reported quarterly to stock exchanges

Circular differs from the discussion in SEBI Board meeting – Aisha Begum Ansari | corplaw@vinodkothari.com Brief background With business operations going digital, the threat of cyber attacks have increased considerably. Effective from April 2019, the Risk Management Committee of a listed entity was mandated by SEBI to discharge the function for laying down a framework […]

Stock options entail multi-stage disclosure to stock exchanges

Requirement under SEBI Listing Regulations and SBEB Regulations – Aisha Begum Ansari | corplaw@vinodkothari.com Employee share benefit schemes in the form of ESOP, ESPS, etc. (‘stock options’) facilitate the employees to participate in the growth of the companies. Since, the issue of shares pursuant to exercise of stock options leads to dilution of the share […]

Identification Of Related Parties Of Subsidiaries

Which law to follow? – Listing Regulations or laws applicable to subsidiaries? – Aisha Begum Ansari, Manager | aisha@vinodkothari.com The RPT provisions under the SEBI Listing Regulations were substantially amended by SEBI on November 9, 2021. Pursuant to the amendment, the definitions of related party, RPT, material RPT, requirements of obtaining audit committee, and shareholders’ […]

The essence of mens rea in insider trading

Supreme Court contradicts its previous ruling while considering the ‘intent’ in insider trading – CS Aisha Begum Ansari | aisha@vinodkothari.com Insider trading means dealing in the securities of the listed company on the basis of unpublished price sensitive information (‘UPSI’), thereby gaining an unfair advantage over the market. A person guilty of insider trading is […]