• Overview of affordable housing finance markets
    • Asian market – Specific focus – South and South East Asian countries
    • State of affordable housing in India
    • Key takeaways from affordable housing finance and housing microfinance in other countries
    • Role of NHB
  • Government’s focus on affordable housing and affordable housing finance
    • Policies governing affordable housing incentives
    • Government schemes and subsidies in affordable housing segment
    • Practical issues faced by developers, financiers etc.
    • Tax incentives for affordable housing and affordable housing finance
  • Financing for affordable housing finance
    • Equity funding
    • Debt funding
      • Traditional ways of funding – issuance of bonds, bank loans etc.
    • Foreign sources of funding
  • Alternative financing solutions
    • Securitisation – why is it not favoured in India by housing finance companies
    • Covered bonds – what is stopping it in India?
    • Partial credit guarantee structures for affordable housing finance players
    • Innovative instruments worldwide that can be replicated in India
    • Mortgage guarantee products

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