We here at Vinod Kothari and Company have complied our research material on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  trying  to provide a single access point to our various resources. This page is intended to be a  one stop solution to all your queries regarding the latter. Hope that the readers find it useful.

Date of Publication Title Author Link
September 08, 2021 Unspent CSR and role of IAs Sachin Sharma https://vinodkothari.com/2021/09/35882/
June 03, 2021 Understanding CSR for NGOs Pammy Jaiswal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRtksxfp_1U
May 15,2021 Funding through crowd funding platform: whether qualifies to be CSR? Pammy Jaiswal & Sachin Sharma http://vinodkothari.com/2021/05/funding-through-crowdfunding-platform-whether-qualifies-to-be-csr/
April 14, 2021 Whether expense towards Corporate Environment Responsibility (CER) be eligible as CSR spending? Nitu Poddar http://vinodkothari.com/2021/04/whether-expense-towards-corporate-environment-responsibility-cer-be-eligible-as-csr-spending/
April 12, 2021 CSR – Accounting and taxation Pammy Jaiswal & Megha Mittal http://vinodkothari.com/2021/04/csr-accounting-and-taxation/
February 22, 2021 Youtube Video on Understanding the borderline between Implementation Agency and Beneficiary Payal Agarwal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElesfjYoPk0&feature=youtu.be
February 17, 2021 Understanding the borderline between implementing agencies and beneficiaries Sikha Bansal and Payal Agarwal http://vinodkothari.com/2021/02/understanding-borderline-between-implementing-agencies-beneficiaries/
January 28, 2021 FAQs on CSR 2021 Amendments Corplaw Team http://vinodkothari.com/2021/01/faqs-on-csr-2021-amendments/
January 26, 2021 Youtube video on Corporate Social Responsibility 2021- Amendments Vinod Kothari https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUhKq-yVgR4&t=728s
January 25, 2021 PPT on Corporate Social Responsibility 2021- Amendments Vinod Kothari http://vinodkothari.com/2021/01/corporate-social-responsibility-2021-amendments/
January 23, 2021 Snapshot of CSR Amendment Rules, 2021 Shreya Masalia http://vinodkothari.com/2021/01/32315/
January 23, 2021 CSR –“comply or suffer” provisions made effective Nitu Poddar http://vinodkothari.com/2021/01/csr-comply-or-suffer-provisions-made-effective/
November, 2020 Tailoring still to fit: CSR Law continues to evolve with contemporary needs Vinod Kothari and Smriti Wadhera http://vinodkothari.com/2021/01/tailoring-still-to-fit-csr-law-continues-to-evolve-with-contemporary-needs/
August 26, 2020 Does new CSR Rules suggest activities in “normal course of business” to be covered under CSR? Megha Saraf http://vinodkothari.com/2020/08/does-new-csr-rules-suggest-activities-in-normal-course-of-business-to-be-covered-under-csr/
March 23, 2020 CSR funds may be used for COVID-19 relief, clarifies MCA Corplaw Team http://vinodkothari.com/2020/03/csr-funds-may-be-used-for-covid-19-relief-clarifies-mca/
March 23, 2020 CAB, 2020: Bunch of Proposals for revamping CSR Framework Shaifali Sharma http://vinodkothari.com/2020/03/cab-2020-bunch-of-proposals-for-revamping-csr-framework/
March 16, 2020 CSR Amendment Rules, 2020: CSR rules set to become more prescriptive Corplaw Team http://vinodkothari.com/2020/03/csr-amendment-rules-2020/
March 15, 2020 Proposed changes in CSR Rules Nitu Poddar and Tanvi http://vinodkothari.com/2020/03/proposed-changes-in-csr-rules/
March 15, 2020 Draft CSR Rules Make CSR More Prescriptive Pammy Jaiswal http://vinodkothari.com/2020/03/mca-rolls-out-the-draft-of-the-amended-csr-rules-2020/
November 20, 2019 FAQs on Corporate Social Responsibility Corplaw Team http://vinodkothari.com/2019/11/faqs-on-corporate-social-responsibility/
August, 2019 CSR: A “Corporate Social Responsibility’ or a ‘Corporate Social Compulsion’? Megha Saraf http://vinodkothari.com/2019/08/csr-a-corporate-social-responsibility-or-a-corporate-social-compulsion/
August 19, 2019 Injeti Srinivas’s Committee: Changes recommended in provisions of Corporate Social Responsibility Muskan Agarwal http://vinodkothari.com/2019/08/injeti-srinivass-committee-changes-recommended-in-provisions-of-corporate-social-responsibility/
October 29, 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Guidelines – Central Public Sector Enterprises Aditi Jhunjhunwala http://vinodkothari.com/2014/10/corporate-social-responsibility-and-sustainability-guidelines-central-public-sector-enterprises/