Recently SEBI came up with an omnibus regulation pertaining to all private collective investment devices named SEBI (Alternative Investment Funds) Regulations, 2012. It is now possible to have a hedge fund, or a real estate fund, or a gold fund, or an art fund, or any other fund with any other focus, under the new regulation. The analytical article – “AIF Regulations: Paving the Way for a Variety of Collective Investment Devices” by Mr. Vinod Kothari analyses the stipulations under the new regulation and their significant impact.

AIF Regulations: Meaning of Ownership Interests and Investor Interests in a Company, by Vinod Kothari and Soma Bagaria, 12th October, 2012

SEBI AIF Regulations 2012- Opens gate for hedge funds, real estate fund and other collective funds in India, by Aditi Jhunjhunwala and Nidhi Ladha, 25 May 2012

Article on Collective Investment Schemes or how gullible investors continue to lose money by Vinod Kothari and Nidhi Jain, 11th July 2011