Fifty years of global securitisation – list of chapters

List of chapters for the anthology on fifty years of global securitisation –

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Serial no Broad category/theme Chapter theme
1 Chronicle/history/evolution
2 Chronicle/history/evolution
Growth of securitization over the years – mortgage, asset-backed. USA, other markets
3 Chronicle/history/evolution
The build-up to the GFC. Early warnings. GFC and its aftermath.
4 Economic relevance/ impact on financial markets
How securitization has impacted financial markets over the years? Securitization and shadow-banking. How is it a significant part of the fixed income market?
5 Economic relevance/ impact on financial markets
Securitization and mortgage lending – availability, affordability and long-term resources for mortgage markets. Countries with developed secondary mortgage markets versus other countries.
6 Economic relevance/ impact on financial markets
Taking securitization to the next stage of development – whither next?
7 RMBS market
The US agency-backed market – present functioning and dynamics.
8 RMBS market The US non-agency-backed market – functioning, dynamics
9 RMBS market MBS markets in Europe
10 RMBS market
Using housing finance securitization models across different countries – Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe
11 RMBS market Use of synthetics in the RMBS market
12 CMBS market US CMBS market over the years
13 ABS market
Overview of non-mortgage-related asset classes (excluding CLOs)
14 CLO market
Evolution of CLOs, repackaging transactions, synthetics, etc. US market and global markets
15 CLO market
Intrinsic economics of CLOs – regulatory arbitrage or an alternative investment opportunity.
16 Credit card receivables overview, economics, drivers
17 Whole business securitization Overview of transactions in US, other countries.
18 Trade receivables financing
Securitization and trade receivables, from ABCP conduits to now
19 Risk transfer devices and securitization
Securitization as alternative risk transfer device – insurance and other fields. Has it developed into an effective means of risk transfer?
20 Microfinance and financial inclusion Securitization and financial inclusion
21 Infrastructure securitization revenue-linked securitization in infrastructure space
22 Physical assets and future flows forestry produce, other future flows
23 Investors and intermediaries
Investors in long-term MBS – who they are, what are they looking for, returns, risks, threats
24 Investors and intermediaries The intermediaries – placement agents, traders, others
25 Investors and intermediaries
The derivatives of the RMBS market – the IOs and other interest-rate-risk tranches
26 Investors and intermediaries Investor protection issues
27 Rating agencies
The role of rating agencies in the development of securitization market; rating agencies over the years – before and after the Crisis
28 Legal and Regulatory
Legislation vs non-legislation – should emerging markets rely on securitization legislation?
29 Legal and Regulatory
Bankruptcy remoteness, special purpose entities and challenges to true sale – over the years
30 Legal and Regulatory
Regulation of securitization issuances – US, European and other regulatory standards
31 Legal and Regulatory
Regulatory capital – Basel and other global capital requirements under Securitisation Framework
32 Legal and Regulatory
Simple transparent and comparable. as oppposed to complex, opaque and bespoke – can securitization be structured finance as well as STC?
33 Legal and Regulatory
Major global bankruptcies and how securitization stumbled or sustained
34 Accounting standards
The development of accounting standards over the years – has the components approach, off-balance-sheet etc contributed to securitization over time? Present state of off balance and profit recognition
35 Accounting standards
Comparison of securitization accounting practices by originators
36 Technlogy and Fintech Securitization and use of technlogy – mortgage markets
37 Technlogy and Fintech
Securitization and tokenization – is that the next revolution to come?
38 Technlogy and Fintech
Blockchain technology and securitization – mortgage and non-mortgage markets
39 Supportive agencies Analytics and modelling – evolution of risk modelling over time
40 Supportive agencies The role of I-bankers
41 Supportive agencies Industry forums
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