Webinar on Assignment of receivables: By Vinod Kothari

Date: 9th April, 2020 at 5.30 pm, India time. Will run for about 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Where: On the internet, via Zoom meetings

Who can attend: Legal professionals, banking and financial sector professionals, trustees, factoring entities dealing with assignment of receivables. Except for parts which are focused on India [RBI guidelines, factoring law], content of this webinar is suitable for international participants too.

Whether interactive: Yes. Participants may post queries, either in advance or at the time of webinar. Participants may, based on feasibility, also be allowed to speak.

Cost/fees: We are not meaning to charge any fee; however, we request participants to contribute whatever they can/want, to PM Cares Fund [https://www.pmindia.gov.in/en/]. You may contribute before or after the webinar, but please do not forget to send us the confirmation.


  • Assignment as the basis for several financial transactions –factoring, securitisation, direct assignment, sale of NPAs, etc.
  • Meaning of assignment – assignment of receivables vs assignment of contract; Assignment by sale and assignment by way of security interest.
  • Assignment, novation, variation, endorsement of negotiable instruments, transfer of debt securities.
  • Partial assignment, assignment of future receivables.
  • Assignment and factoring law. intent of factoring as a value-added service
  • Meaning and context of “true sale”. Factors destructive of a true sale.
  • Direct assignments and securitisation – RBI’s guidelines. Assignment of a portfolio vs. assignment of stand alone assets.
  • Assignment-back of receivables assigned – unwinding of assignment transactions.
  • Stamp duty on assignment of receivables.

For registration – Drop a mail to kanak@vinodkothari.com . Please send mail from your official mail ID. The webinar has limited capacity – hence, we may have to use discretion to accept registration requests.

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