What is securitization:

Securitization essentially implies creation of securities – generically, any process by which securities, viz., tradeable capital market instruments are created, is securitization. However, in present day capital market usage, the term is implied to include securities created out of a pool of assets, normally receivables, which are put under the legal control of the investors through a special intermediary created for this purpose. The securities are liquidated on the primary strength of the assets in the pool, but may be supported by "credit enhancements" provided by the originator or organised through external agencies. 

The original concept of securitization was to create securities based on financial assets, say, receivables on mortgage loans, auto loans, credit cards, etc. However, later innovation has extended application of securitization to cover non-financial assets such as aircraft, buildings, and on the other hand, the same device has also been applied to securitise risk, such as insurance risk, weather risk, etc.

Innovation is constantly extending securitization applications.

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