The demand for housing is ever-increasing with the growing population and urbanisation and access to housing finance need to keep pace with it; therefore, the regulators, lenders, and other market participants need to be incentivised to continue to progressively cater to the growing housing finance needs. Enhancing access to housing finance plays a quintessential role in meeting the growing demand for housing.

Several of these housing finance companies are finding ways and means of offering financial inclusion by replacing collateral requirements from proper land titles to pseudo collaterals, introducing qualitative measures for assessment of low income borrowers, offering developmental housing loans and more.

The housing finance sector has traditionally been largely driven by banks or a handful of housing finance companies. The scenario is fast changing. With the growing number of housing finance companies, the challenge is not just to render financial inclusion, but to create a conducive environment for them to sustain and scale up, and therefore the support from the regulators will be increasingly required. The path to a more resilient housing finance market is difficult one but surely an achievable one and soon.

This Report is our attempt to capture the key developments in the housing finance space, particularly HFCs. We have been coming out with this Report for some years now, and we are glad to see the wide reception that Report has got in the past.

The Report makes an analytical comparison and collation of data about HFCs in the country. The Report also provides a comprehensive view of the regulations applicable to HFCs, and takes stock of the changes in the regulatory and business scenario. We also focus on the available means of finance available for HFCs and make some interesting comparisons about cost of financing, rates of interest and spreads.

The Report will help you get abreast with the constantly evolving housing finance market and give a deep insight on the industry. The report provides a comprehensive answer to what is going on in the housing finance industry?   

We aim at a wider dissemination of this report and hence have priced it at a nominal sum of  Rs. 10,000/- only

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