The ‘Case Study’ Model of discussion and analysis has been widely accepted and acknowledged as a celebrated mode of teaching by premier institutions like the Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Business. Off late, its relevance has massively increased as more and more academic institutions, especially those focusing on business and law, have made the shift from the traditional Q/A pattern to a more cohesive ‘Case Study Model’

Cases are narratives, situations, selective data and statements that present real-life simulations and as such, put to fore unresolved and thought-provoking issues, which are likely to occur, in varying magnitude and complexities, in our practical lives also. As against the traditional Q/A pattern, where more often than not, the problems have a single solution, Case Studies encourage participants to engage in critical thinking and to identify the several solutions for a given set of facts. Unlike problem sets, they do not break the problem down into clear steps, and frequently have no single “right” answer. Cases provide a rich contextual way to introduce new material and create opportunities to apply the law – they not only encourage an out-of-the-box thinking, but also help the participants to identify the problems in the first place, which are generally hidden beneath the usual facts and figures.

This concept is very similar to the practical situations, we as professionals, come across in our everyday lives – as professionals and consultants, we are expected to pinpoint such opportunities/ problems camouflaging behind routine statements and facts, so as to deliver holistic and efficient solutions, which are not necessarily limited to any singular act and/ or provision thereof.

In view of increasing relevance of the Case Study Method, we at Vinod Kothari & Company bring to you our weekly analysis of diverse cases which encapsulate practical situations and complexities so as to understand the hands-on application of the provisions under various laws – all at once. In our two-fold exercise, we invite the varying views of professionals, India and abroad, on the cases put up – which shall thereafter, be discussed and deliberated via audio-video discussions on our YouTube Channel – “Vinod Kothari & Company”

  1. Case Study I – Related Party Transactions [Case 1]