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We have in the past organised several industry summits across a variety of fields, most importantly in the area of affordable housing finance, infrastructure and asset finance and securitisation.

We continue to bring together stakeholders in these areas and advance dialogue and best practices. To get a snapshot of our recent summits and conferences, click on the liks as are provided below:

Leasing and factoring Summit Click here

MSMEs in India have a significant contribution to the GDP and the growth of the economy. There are several alternative sources of funding that MSMEs can tap on including leasing/ renting for acquisition of fixed assets or factoring of bills for managing the working capital gap. However lack of knowledge, low access of financial intermediaries have been the root cause for MSMEs being bereft of access to alternate modes of financing.This summit aims at enlighten the MSMEs and facilitating access to finance through alternative modes of financing and bridging the gap between the financiers and the MSMEs apart from a host of other reasons.


Our securitsation summits in the past have met grand success with a galaxy of speakers and over 100 attendees from across India and elsewhere. We discussed in details several issues relating to laws, regulations, finance, accounting and taxation that are affecting the securitisation industry in the country and abroad and came up with many interesting propositions.


Housing finance seems to be on a steep growth path, with huge potential for further growth. In our Affordable Housing Finance Summit, the stakeholders of the industry come together to discuss problems, prospects, opportunities and environment of   Housing Finance.


Infrastructure holds the key to the economic resurgence of India, and infrastructure financing holds the key to vitality of the infrastructure sector. On a policy plane, several initiatives have been taken to promote infrastructure financing, but are they enough? Have they been effective? These are questions on every one's mind, and this Summit gets into these questions. Our Summits explore the state and stumbling blocks in each of the significant sectors of infrastructure financing – roads, power, telecom, urban infrastructure, airports, ports, etc. Major develops in infrastructure projects are also likely to participate.

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