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Vinod Kothari's Most-recommended securitisation websites:

ABSnet, the information source on securitisation:

Mayer and Brown's Securitization site –

Resources and materials on securitization:

American Securitization Forum:

European Securitization Forum:

The Bond Market Association

Fitch IBCA, Inc.

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services: Structured Finance

Duff & Phelps Credit Rating Co. (DCR Fixed-Income Ratings, Bonds, Securities)

Real-estate links:

This page contains links to real-estate associations World-over:

Online securitisation newsletters and journals:

Asset-backed Alert, a reputed securitization newsletter; the site also carries marketplace data and a discussion forum

Not exactly online, but some articles can be partly seen or downloaded

One more resource for online information (very comprehensive materials on CMBS):

World Securitization News & Comment

Agencies and Associations:

Government National Mortgage Association(GNMA)

Federal National Mortgage Association

Federal Home Mortgage Loan Corporation

Commercial Real Estate Secondary Market and Securitization Association

Real Estate Finance Association

Real Estate Capital Resources Association

Mortgage Bankers Association of America

Fixed income analysts society

Reciprocal Links: Treasury Corner – a comprehensive site for treasury professionals: