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Consulting services


  • Structured finance consulting: Consulting services on structured finance transactions, securitisation transactions, derivatives transactions, covered  bonds, credit derivatives, structured credit trading, and so on.

  • Cashflow modeling: Detailed cashflow modelling for securitization transactions, starting from raw data of the loan pool, derivation of the required level of credit support, development of probability distribution for defaults and losses, determination of sizes of different classes and time tranches, with complete structuring support, for variety of asset classes including mortgage loans, auto loans, credit card receivables, microfinance receivables, future flows, and so on.

  • Valuation of mortgage backed securities, asset backed securities, CDOs, etc: We specialise in valuation, be it for mark-to-market accounting purposes or for the purpose of shareholder/management evaluation  MBS, ABS, CDOs, CLOs or other similar securities

  • Asset backed financing transactions: structuring and advisory services on complicated asset backed financing transactions, leasing transactions, leveraged leases, cross border leases, and so on.

  • Microfinance transactions: We are regarded as premier consultants on development, corporatisation and scaling up of microfinance institutions in different parts of the world.

  • Affordable housing finance solutions: We have  been advising companies and international agencies on initiatives on micro mortgage financing and affordable housing finance solutions. We have done work in this area for entities in several parts of the world.

New!  Consulting & Advisory on Securitisation Cash Flow Modeling / Stress Testing / Valuations


Training services


  • Training on structured finance and advanced topics in finance: Please see our workshops, forthcoming and recent, here

  • Training on topics in finance: We work with a network of faculties and provide training workshops/training programs on a wide range of topics in finance. See some of our training workshops here

  • Summits and Conferences oganised by us can be viewed here



Consulting assignments for securitisation

  • We have done cashflow modeling for securitisation of home loan receivables, first transaction in the country, on behalf of a rating agency in Philippines. The assignment included complete cashflow model based on historical loan performance data, finding out stress levels and computation of credit and liquidity enhancement for the transaction.
  • We have been engaged in advising the Government of Jordan on a project relating to affordable housing in Jordan. We would be advising the government on appropriate funding plans, as also in laying down legal framework for securitisation or sukuks as may be the result of the study.
  • We are currently executing an assignment along with IMACS, an affiliate of CARE (rating agency) for imparting training on IFC Washington’s mortgage toolkit for affordable housing finance.  The assignment has already run for over a year and expected to continue.
  • We are currently executing an assignment for IFC Washington for training Indian banks on use of the securitisation law (Indian law for enforcement of security interests) for better management of secured lending transactions.
  • The Securities Exchange Board of India took our expert advice in drafting of the regulations relating to listing of asset backed securities.
  • The Securities Exchange Commission Sri Lanka has taken our inputs on taxation of securitisation transactions and the drafting of the securitisation law.
  • Providing comprehensive modeling and structuring consulting to a South African boutique investment bank on securitisation of mortgage loans.
  • Providing comprehensive consulting on securitisation of consumer finance receivables to Moccis, a company based in Malaysia. We adopted a hand holding approach to their securitisation effort including basic guidance, advising on the financial economics, structuring of their proposed securitisation, etc.
  • Assisting the South African Revenue Service (income-tax department of South Africa) in preparation of a taxation manual for securitisation and synthetic securitisation transactions. We prepared a detailed guideline on securitisation and assisted them to prepare a taxation scheme to ensure tax neutral and yet robust taxation environment.
  • Vinod Kothari has been on an Asian Development Bank consulting group to advise the Government of India on securitisation and enforcement of security interest laws in India. The group is responsible for suggesting comprehensive amendments to the SARFAESI Act in India to make securitisation and security enforcement laws effectively work in the country.
  • Year-long retainership with Citibank for their securitisation activities in the country. During this term, we advised the bank on several securitisation transactions where Citibank was the structurer/investment banker.
  • Advising Cognizant Technologies, an IT Company headquartered in the USA, on structuring and modeling of residential mortgage backed transactions. Cognizant engaged us for a 6-month consulting contract for the modeling project that they envisaged for leading US banks (such as Deutche, Washington Mutual). This project required us to prepare detailed Excel models for real life securitisation transactions, primarily of residential mortgages, from the US market.
  • Advising Infosys Technologies, a leading IT company, to set up the functional requirements for a securitisation module to be added to their software products. This assignment required us to take the company step by step through securitisation procedures and prepare cashflow models for various types of securitisation transactions.
  • Advising GE Capital, a leading finance house, on several of their securitisation transactions. We have been engaged to vet and vouch information memoranda for securitisation transactions, check essential financial data, and advise the company on taxation and accounting requirements.
  • Our services were retained for 2 years by CARE a rating agency on a retainership basis. The scope of the retainership includes advising the rating agency on their structured finance ratings basis, and in particular, in developing models for securitisation transactions.

Consulting assignments in the field of leasing and asset-based funding areas

  • Our services were retained by an Egyptian leasing company (partnering with a Govt of Egypt bank) for starting leasing business in Egypt for agricultural equipment. The assignment included end-to-end services with field study, preparation of business plan and operations manual. To view the business manual, click here.
  • We are known in the country for number one position as consultant in the matter of leasing and asset based funding. We have engaged by every significant name that matters in the field of asset based finance including State Bank of India, Canara Bank, Indian Railway Finance Corporation, ICICI, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra, Development Credit Bank, Tata Finance Ltd., Apple Industries Limited, etc.
  • We have acted as retainer to Citibank for their asset-backed finance business.
  • We are currently acting as an active support provider to GE Capital, the world’s largest non-banking leasing company.
  • We are engaged on consulting in operating leasing for a telecom hardware company, which is the largest in its field in India.
  • We have acted as a consultant to Infosys Technologies to prepare functional requirements for a comprehensive IT solution for leasing transactions.
  • We have advised several companies in the USA, France and other places on one-off basis relating to leasing activities.
  • Vinod Kothari is one of the directors of Association of Leasing and Financial Services Cos., India. This is a body of top leasing companies in the country.

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