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My ramblings


This page contains my thoughts on scattered subjects. The thoughts are as scattered as the subjects - self introspections, comments on a good reading, a lingering thought, some one liners, and so on]


Balancing capabilities, confidence and caution

I think success is the right dose of capability, confidence and caution. Capability without confidence is inefficiency and latitude, confidence without capability is arrogance. Confidence without caution is often dangerous. Hence, it is just the right dose of each of the 3 Cs that bring about success.

Cyclicity and perpetuity

All perpetual things are cyclical. The rises and then sets, and then rises again and sets, completing a full cycle. Seasons form a full cycle. Trees, life, weather - everything that has going perpetually is cyclical.

If one observes closely, only a cycle can be continuous. Every line has a beginning and an end. Only cycles have no beginning and no end - they are perpetual.

The power of chanting

Every Indian religion has laid lot of stress on chanting - of either mantras or bhajans. It might seem to too "unscientific" that a mere chanting of a particular sound or devotional song should have significance at all. But do try it out and one would surely realise what significance chanting has. When you are deeply troubled and tensed, try chanting any of the sounds that appeals to your senses, and it has an instant soothing effect. Why - the way our mind works, while we are making the sound, the mind works less, as there is lot of attention dedicated to making of the sound. The same works if it is singing of any devotional or other song. While we are singing or chanting, we are either not thinking at all or thinking less. Result, the mind gets detached from where it was entangled. This is exactly what is great relief.


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