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Leasing and Factoring Summit, 2016


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Leasing and factoring as financial products has been in existence in India for several decades, however penetration of leasing in India particularly in the MSME sector is abysmally low as compared to other developing countries and factoring, has somehow not been able to create its impact on the market.

There is no doubt that these two products have great potential in themselves, considering the growing number of the MSMEs and Startups in the country.

With a view to enlighten the MSMEs/ Startups and facilitating access to finance through alternative modes of financing and bridging the gap between the financiers and the MSMEs, Vinod Kothari Consultants has taken an initiative to offer the platform for the coming together of the stakeholders.

The summit intends to bring to the fore, several modes of financing that MSMEs/ Startups can tap on at various stages of growth and also to be able to address some of the concerns of the financiers in penetrating into the segment.

Like every year’s summits, our summits do not end into pure networking sessions. We do meaningful discussions, bringing most relevant people on the table, and then pick up issues and do strong advocacy to bring issues to a conclusion. We hope this year’s Summit will also go a long way into ushering the country’s MSME sector into a new trajectory.

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Conference agenda:

1. Funding gaps in MSME finances currently

  • The MSME pyramid and funding gaps at different segments
  • Funding gaps in financing of fixed assets
  • Funding gaps in financing of working capital 
  • MSME financing – Is it a question of funding schemes or accessibility?

2. Leasing as a method of fixed asset financing for MSMEs

  • Leasing as a means of equipment financing – how leasing can help MSMEs 
  • Factors deterring leasing currently
  • Current penetration levels of leasing for MSMEs in India compared to global levels 
  • The low monthly payments – how leasing can accelerate capital formation
  • Are vendors willing to take residual value risk?

3. Factoring as a means of financing working capital

  • Why isn’t factoring doing well in India so far as compared to global data
  • Current issues in factoring and means to redress them
  • How does factoring help MSMEs?
  • How can MSMEs use factoring for their buyer financing

4. Cash flow based financing for MSMEs

  • Moving from balance-sheet –based to cashflows-based financing
  • Financing of technology based startups and online selling vendors
  • Peer-to-peer financing

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