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Vinod  Kothari  Consultants  Private  Limited  (VKCPL)  has  a  long  and  intimate association with leasing for over more than 25 years last. We have witnessed the leasing industry undergoing several phases of booms and busts, undercurrents of growth,  periods  of  excessive  optimism,  periods  of  regulatory  action,  and  so  on. 

VKCPL has been on the forefront of leasing as an analyst, consultant, advisor on nearly all issues concerning leasing. Not only have we occupied the position as leading advisor on leasing business, we have also actively lead advocacy efforts on matters that could affect the leasing industry,  from  time  to  time.  When  CBDT  had,  more  than  a  decade  back, proposed  new  rules  for  taxation  of  lease  transactions,  the  undersigned  led  the 
representation on behalf of Academy of Financial Services Private Limited and subsequently  the  same  was  dropped.  Similarly  when  CENVAT  rules  were announced for the first time, there were provisions which could disqualify leased assets  for  CENVAT  Credit.  We  led  advocacy  for  the  same  which  subsequently led to the amendment of said rules.

Several  players  in  the  leasing  industry  have  regarded  VKCPL  as  friend- philosopher-guide over the years.

Indian  Economy  is  re-entering  the  era  of  fast  growth  and  leasing  industry will not  remain  aloof  of  this  economic  acceleration.  We  take  this  endeavour  to  set forth the volumes of leasing in India, factually what is happening. This is not just a statistical analysis but also gives our prediction with respect to the pockets of growth in the times to come. 

To the best of our knowledge, this is the only detailed and analytical compilation on the state of the leasing industry in India. 

We earnestly hope that this report  is viewed as a value  addition by the leasing industry.

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