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The chart below would show the courses that we provide. You can click in the right place to show your interest in the relevant course, we will keep you informed when such course happens.

The list of our upcoming and past workshops can be viewed here.

Category Course Sample outline Show Interest for the course
Housing Affordable Housing Finance  Here Click here
  Housing Micro Finance   Click here
  Real Estate Investment Trust   Click here
Banking & Finance Introduction to financial markets   Click here
  Sound Corporate Lending Practices  Here Click here
  Basel II  Here Click here
  Basel III  Here Click here
  Wealth Management & Financial Planning  Here Click here
  Finance for Non- Finance  Here Click here
  Factoring  Here Click here
  Key Accounts Management  Here Click here
  Treasury Management for NBFCs  Here Click here
Credit & Credit Risk
Credit Risk Management  Here Click here
  Key Accounts: Credit & Receivable Management  Here Click here
  Secured Lending & Enforcement of Security
 Here Click here
Asset Based Funding Operating Lease  Here Click here
  Management of Non banking financial
 Here Click here
  Leasing and Ijara Transactions  Here Click here
Quant and
Excel Based Course
Introductory quant for financial executives   Click here
  Financial Modeling on excel  Here Click here
  Advance Econometrics  Here Click here
  Valuation Modelling in Excel  Here Click here
  Basel II Stress Testing  Here Click here
Derivatives Derivatives School   Click here
  Pricing and Sructuring of Interest rate 
 Here Click here
  Pricing and Structuring of Credit Derivatives  Here Click here
  Foreign Exchange Derivatives   Click here
  Accounting for derivatives and financial instruments  Here Click here
Financial Management Interest Rate Risk Management   Click here
  Liquidity Risk Management  Here Click here
  Finance for Non Finance  Here Click here
Risk Management Credit Risk Management  Here Click here
  Interest Rate Risk Management   Click here
  Liquidity Risk Management  Here Click here
  Basel III  Here Click here
  Basel II Stress Testing  Here Click here
Structured Finance

Securitization & Covered Bonds

  Click here
  Modeling and Structuring of Securitization  Here Click here
  Covered Bond  Here Click Here
Real Estate Finance Real Estate Investment Trust   Click here
  Commercial Real Estate Financing  Here Click here
  Financial Modelling For REITs  Here Click here
Other Anti Money Laundering  Here Click here
  Restructuring Problem Credits  Here Click here

Some other courses:


  • Securitisation: The Financial Instrument of the New Millennium: 2 -days or 3 days, covering a broad spectrum of issues including motivations, legal issues, financial structure and cost of securitisation, accounting and taxation, regulatory capital.
  • Cashflow modelling for securitisation - 2 -days or 3 days, covering practical cashflow modelling for securitisation transactions, starting from simple class room models to models for real life transactions
  • Investing in Asset backed Securities - 2- days course structured specially from investors' viewpoint.
  • Legal tax and accounting issues in securitisation - A course dedicated to legal, true sale, documentation, accounting, taxation and regulatory capital related issues.
  • We combine these in longer courses such as Securitisation School or Securitisation Masterclass.

Credit Derivatives

  • Credit derivatives: The world of commoditisation of credit: 2 -days covering broad spectrum of issues on credit derivatives including types, economics, strategic issues, legal, tax and accounting issues, capital rules and economic capital, pricing of credit derivatives etc.
  • Exotic credit derivatives A 1-day presentation on the latest developments in credit derivatives; we take account of what is making waves in the marketplace.
  • Investing in credit linked notes - A one-day/2 days' course structured specially from viewpoint of investors.
  • We will club these outlines in Credit Derivatives Masterclass which may run for 3 days/ 4 days duration.

Pricing and mitigation of credit risk

  • Quantitative approaches to pricing of a credit risk : 2 -days covering Excel-based practical training on credit risk pricing - covers Merton and Merton-based models, intensity based pricing, portfolio risk pricing,  orrelation and simulations to price portfolio risk, economic capital computation..

Collateralized debt obligations (CDOs)

  • The World of CDOs: : 2 -days covering at length the CDO world - including full array of CDO field; balance sheet and arbitrage deals, synthetic and cash deals, managed and static deals. Motivations, functioning,  with case studies.
  • Synthetic CDOs: A 2-day course that will focus on synthetic CDOs and cover lots of case studies of real life transactions. Includes fair exposure to credit derivatives as well.
  • Investing in CDOs - A 2-day course designed specially from investors' perspective.
  • We will club these outlines into a CDO Masterclass which may be a 3-day course.

Leasing and off-balance sheet financing

  • Asset Finance and Leasing - This 2-days/ 3 days course covers basics of leasing, financial and operating leases, legal and tax issues on leasing, tax benefits of leasing, pricing, accounting, etc.
  • Operating Leasing workshop: This 2 days' workshop covers operating leasing in fine details, including pricing, residual risk mitigation, accounting, taxation, etc.
  • Leasing: Legal, tax and accounting issues: This 2-day event focuses on tax, legal and accounting issues for financial and operating leases.

Accounting for financial instruments

  • Accounting for Financial Instruments [IAS 39/ FAS 133] This 2-days event covers accounting for financial instruments, derivatives, embedded derivatives and the hedging rules of IAS 39/ FAS 133 with lots of examples and workings. May be extended to 3 days to allow practice.

Do ask for outline of any of these courses.

For courses tailored as per your requirements, write to us at:

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