PSL Ltd. v. Jotun India Pvt. Ltd. -Interplay between the Companies Act, the SICA and the IBC

Impact of winding up petitions on insolvency filings by Nitu Poddar

Can an Application for resolution process of a company be filed under IBC, 2016 in case a winding up Petition is pending before a High Court?

MCA Notification on transition for pending proceedings

MCA notification for Companies (Transfer of Pending Proceedings) Rules, 2016[1]  only provides for the transition of the litigation process from High Court to the NCLT.  This Rule lays down the criteria for deciding whether the matter will be filed with and adjudged by NCLT or by High Court.

As per the Rule 5 of the said Rules, where the Petition for winding up has been served on the Respondent Company and is pending before the respective High Court, such Petition shall be adjudged by the High Court.

When a matter is being adjudged by the High Court under Act, 1956, the same will be governed by the provisions of the erstwhile Act, 1956.

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