SEBI Board approves amendments to REIT Regulations

By Shreya Routh, (


The SEBI in its Board Meeting on 18th September, 2017[1]approved several changes to the regulations issued for REITs. Before we start discussing the changes approved, let us quickly recap the way in which a REIT operates. REIT is a form of alternative investment vehicle. The working mechanism of a REIT involves purchase of commercial properties and then providing them on rent to tenants. The funding is done through issuance of units to public which are tradable on stock exchanges. The main advantage of a REIT structure is grounded on the tax exemptions that it receives.

Since, REITs mechanism observed a complete downfall and the fact that till date no REIT has been listed with SEBI, the proposed amendments come as a saviour intending to gear up the market for REITs. Read more

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