Benefits of joining our free mailing list

Free Mailing list rules:

All subscribers to the mailing list are deemed to have agreed to the following:

1. You will not make copies of the mails received on the mailing list in any manner except for your personal use; you will not circulate the news either within your organization or outside. If any of your colleagues/ friends/ others are interested to receive such news, they are welcome to join the list themselves.

2. The list is an announcement list only: the list owner can send mails but the recipients cannot send any mails to the list. The recipients can send mails to the list owner only.

3. You will never attempt to spam, collect addresses from the list in any manner.

4. By opting to join this list, you have agreed to allow the list owner to send you mails on periodic intervals. Such mails may also include info on any products being sold by the list owner or others, or any training programs or other activities of the list owner or others. Besides, the list management facility provider may add one or more commercial messages in the mails. The list owner may even send targeted mails to a specific address or addresses in the list. You agree not to charge the list owner for spamming or breaching your privacy in any manner. The list owner agrees not to sell or share your e-mail address to anay one for a commercial consideration.

5. The list is being hosted on a web-based list management facilitator (such as Listbot, Listbuilder, Topica, which may be changed at any time). Though we choose such facilitator with diligence to ensure that the facilitator does not sell the addresses on the list, you would appreciate that the addresses on the list are open to the access of the facilitator. If the facilitator anyway sells or parts with the addresses on the list, without the assent of the list owner, the list owner shall not be responsible for the same.

Mailing list FAQs:

1. Why should I join the list?

You can remain in touch with the latest developments in the world of securitisation. We cover not only developments in different countries but also in different spheres such as mortgage markets, insurance risk, music royalties, sports revenues, etc.

2. Why should I pay the membership fee when I can anyway visit your site and get the news?

You are welcome! The mailing list is not a source of profit for us. We will continue to put the news on the News pages on the site as before, unless we decide, later in time, to make the news pages a subscriber service. The significant benefit of the news service is that you get the news regularly into your Inbox, promptly, without having to hunt the site for new additions on a regular basis. No news is news, if others have got it – so, it is your privilege as list members to know it before others do.

If timely information is not all that important for you, you may join the Free list – click here

3. Will the news mail service carry any content which is not open to public on the site?Cannot guarantee.

4. How mails do I get every week?

There is no guaranteed frequency. In the past, we have been sending mails whenever there is a significant stock of new stories. Some news, if they are urgent, are notified sooner than others. On an average, you may expect 7-8 mails in a month.

5. Will the service be priced be increased in future?

We reserve the right to increase the fees or to replace it with a full-fledged news-letter. However, any such increase will be prospective only, except at the time of renewal.

6. How do I get out of the list?

Any time, you may unsubscribe, by following the steps in the mail. However, the membership fees will not be refundable.

7. Would you sell my e-mail address ever?

Not at all. Guaranteed.

8. Do you send commercial mails?

Our mails sometimes contain promotional material about our forthcoming workshops, publications, etc. However, these are just a brief mention on the mailers. Surely, we do not send you bulky mails and GIF files to burden your e-mail box.

10. Anti-spamming protection

Like all of you, we too hate spamming. We take the following steps to avoid spamming:

  • On the list management website, the e-mail addresses of the list members are visible only to the site owner. Others, including list members, cannot either view the e-mail addresses or send any mails.
  • We agree never to sell your e-mail address to any one or part with the same for a commercial consideration.

Any other question?

Do write to me.