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Basel III requirements for Simple Transparent and Comparable (STC) Securitisation

Vinod Kothari Consultants P Ltd finserv@vinodkothari.com Having a simple, transparent and comparable (STC) label for a securitisation transaction is a very important factor, particularly for investors’ acceptability of the transaction. Securitisation transactions are structured finance transactions –the structure may be fairly complicated. The transaction may be bespoke – created with a particular investor in mind; […]

Rajiya Ra Duha: Couplets of Kriparam Charan

Among a wonderful piece of pre-modern Rajasthani poetry is the couplets, written in Soratha chhand, by poet Kriparam Barahath, aka Kriparam Charan. Kriparamji’s poetry is renowned as Rajiya ra duha, as all of his couplets are addressed to his Man Friday, who possibly had the name Rajkumar, pejoratively called Rajiya. These couplets would have been […]


– Ishika Agrawal (corplaw@vinodkothari.com) I.        Introduction The way businesses are done, has evolved with the evolution of technology. Now-a-days, business transactions and business contracts are mostly executed electronically in order to save time and expenses. However, this also raises concerns on enforceability of e-agreements in courts and the stamp duty implications on such agreements. In […]