On the occasion of completing three glorious decades as Company Secretaries in practice, we at Vinod Kothari & Company are glad to announce “Virtues…Knowledge….Competence- The Power of 30” (‘VKC- The Power of 30’), a series of 30 web lectures of 30 minutes each, to be released every week on various topics relevant for corporate professionals.

The speakers for the web series will comprise of qualified colleagues at VKC at all three locations, i.e. Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. The details and relevant links for the topics of “VKC – The Power of 30” will be shared below and on various other web forums like Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube.

Details and relevant links of the topics(subject to updation, as may be notified from time to time) :

Date Faculty Topic for the Session Relevant links
20.08.2018 Mr. Vinod Kothari Significant Beneficial Owners Click here for the PPT Click here for the session
25.08.2018 Ms. Vinita Nair Private Placement of securities Click here for the PPT Click here for the session
03.09.2018 Mr. Abhirup Ghosh Overview of non-banking

Financial companies in India

Click here for the PPT Click here for the session
08.09.2018 Ms. Vinita Nair Foreign Direct Investment in India: An Overview of FEMA Regulations Click here for the PPT Click here for the session
15.09.2018 Ms. Anita Baid Regulatory framework for NBFCs in India  Click here for the PPT Click here for the session
22.09.2018 Ms. Pammy Jaiswal Related Party Transactions Click here for the PPT Click here for the session
29.09.2018 Ms. Nikita Snehil Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel, KMPs, etc. Click here for the PPT Click here for the session
10.10.2018 Ms. Megha Mittal Transition from SICA to IBC
27.10.2018 Mr. Rahul Maharshi Financial Instruments IND-AS 32, 109 and 107
03.11.2018 Ms. Munmi Phukon Debentures and Deposits
10.11.2018 Mr. Abhirup Ghosh Basics on GST on financial services
17.11.2018 Ms. Richa Saraf Drafting of legal agreements

and opinions

24.11.2018 Mr. Arun Kumar Maitra Secretarial Audit
01.12.2018 Ms. Nikita Snehil ESOP
09.12.2018 Ms. Vinita Nair ECB Framework
15.12.2018 Mr. Vinod Kothari Introduction to accounting standard Ind AS 116 on Lease transactions
22.12.2018 Ms. Munmi Phukon SEBI SAST Regulations – Open Offer and Disclosure Requirements
29.01.2019 Mr. Vinod Kothari Reduction of share capital and Redemption of securities under the CA, 2013 and buy back  of securities under CA, 2013
12.01.2019 Mr. Vishes Kothari Regulatory framework for Fintech startups
19.01.2019 Ms. Barsha Dikshit Liquidation (including vol. under sec. 59) and winding up- procedural and other differences, comparison with creditors’ and members’ winding up
02.02.2019 Ms. Nikita Snehil Significant provisions under SEBI LODR
09.02.2019 Ms. Nitu Poddar Fraudulent, Preferential and Undervalued Transactions- dealing with Fraudulent Preference, look- back period, requirement of forensic audit, provisions retained in Companies Act.
16.02.2019 Ms. Megha Saraf Know-how on IEPF
23.02.2019 Ms. Sikha Bansal Backdrop of IBC- referring to SICA, UK Act, BLRC report, missing points and interpretation thereof, practical difficulties and remedies available
02.03.2019 Ms. Megha Saraf E-voting and Postal Ballot
09.03.2019 Ms. Barsha Dikshit Examination of claims- difficulties thereof, priority in disbursement- inter se priority between secured creditors, concept of related party claims being treated as equity, applicability of sec. 53 to CIRP
16.03.2019 Ms. Richa Saraf Powers of AA- inherent powers, relating to resolution plans, significant rulings such as classification of debt as quasi- equity, exclusion of time limit for computing CIRP, etc.
23.03.2019 Ms. Pammy Jaiswal Loans, guarantees, and security given by Companies
30.03.2019 Ms. Sikha Bansal Resolution Plan- eligibility criteria of RA, sec. 29A, evaluation matrix, challenging the stance of CoC members, approval and its effect, implementation of the same
06.04.2019 Ms. Pammy Jaiswal PIT Regulations- a preventive legislation