Our presentation on OCI and its treatment in law can be viewed at:  https://vinodkothari.com/2021/08/oci-and-its-treatment-in-law/
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    NIRMAL SHAH says:

    It is very good article and it is very useful. What i understand from the article is that realized and unrealized gain, both are not considered for NBFC income if it is accounted through fair value through OCI (FVTOCI). Can you confirm my understanding of Article?

    • Qasim Saif
      Qasim Saif says:

      Realised gain being a financial income would be considered for calculations for the purpose of determining the PBC criteria, irrespective of the business model used to account under Ind AS 109. However, in case the financial instrument is accounted using FVOCI the unrealised income shall not be credited to P&L rather will be treated as below the line item hence in our opinion would not be included while calculating financial income for determining the PBC criteria.

      This is a pro bono reply, given without consideration of detailed facts or the surrounding legal intricacies, and is not professional advice and should not be relied upon by any person including the addressee. For a professional opinion, please get back to us or your regular adviser/consultant.


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